Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ask me!

who will dare to ask me what's the only problem of people now a days...
and I will let you know the only ONE answer!

Want a hint?
_ _ _








no one knows what? even your dad, your mom, your best friend, lola's, lolo's, tita's, tito's, cousins, relatives, friends, neighbors and even YOU! got a problem on this! ehehehehe.. HIRIT???

Ask me. Heinz, ano problema ni Daddy?
Then I answer by the sign of my pointed finger and point it in my arm like saying the problem of my Dad is SEX! ahahahahah

get it? if not...your FREAK!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is me now...

Where will I be starting my post today?hmmm..??? (thinking......)ahuh! Let me share to you guys, what are my favorite foods!

Yes! FOOD! F-O-O-D. fOod! I love fOod! mmmm....YUMMy!

My mom told me since I was 4 months I ate Cerelac. My first cerelac flavor was rice and milk, but then it don't take long for months..she tried to give me another flavor, it was wheat and milk. then, when I become 6 months she gave me banana and apple flavor. It doesn't take long too! maybe it don't fit my taste. But mom never loses hope, she tried again...and again....the next food I ate was Gerber. eeeew! I hate the taste!I don't even taste the sweet in it. Months pass......she decided to make an experiment just for me to it vegies and fruits. She cooked potato, carrots and mashed it same as banana and apple. Taste good!yummy I guess.. when I reach 11 months my taste turns matured when I started to ate rice with soup of the tuna fish. charap! *wink though its smell fishy into my mouth but mom still really loves to kiss me on my lips! mmmwah!

When I was 9 months i started to eat "Marie" biscuit, they prefer to give me a marie biscuit because it is soft and easy to chew. Second biscuit I eat was Graham until I reach 1 year old until now, I still eat Graham during my snack time. My mom try to buy another brand of biscuit, the Skyflakes and Mama Nene also buy Bread Sticks for me. That until now bread sticks is my favorite snacks with water. heheheh...

I learn to eat ice cream when Mommy Inday made for us a home made ice cream flavored Cookies N' Cream which Mommy Vale's favorite flavor. I love it too! When mom brought me to Jollibee in her first salary that was January of 2008 before my birthday came, we go to Jollibee and of course she treat me with spaghetti. I'm very curious of what my mom sipping every time she finished ate her first fork of spaghetti. What I did is I am trying to reach the glass with the black liquid with a red stick on it that she was sipping. When I tried to reach it, she lend me the red stick and put it in my mouth and I start sipping until I taste the black liquid called "COKE". ahahahahha! Until 3 times in sipping to it, now I know how to sip using a straw. gotcha!

and now...every time my mom gets her salary she never forgets to treat me to Jollibee! when we went to downtown with dad, we ate at KFC with my favorite meaty spaghetti and french fries of course with coke! ahahahah

But when we just stay at home, if Ate Jenny our maid cook food with soup my mom ready to prepare a food for me before she leaves the house to go to work. Ate An my nanny who's the one will lend me the food that is when after I took a bath. Every weekends my mom is the one who will prepares food and lending me the food to eat.

My hobby at my age right now is to...eat. Eat. eAt. EAt. eaT. and EAT!

. my cristening .

My Christening
April 22, 2007 @ Sto. Rosario Parish Church

Daddy Hermann, Mommy Vale and Heinz at 3 mons & 2 days

My Ninang
(from left: Ninang Jenniffer, Ninang Jiezel, Ninang Sweet, with dad & mom, Ninang Beth, Ninang Annalyn & Ninang Jorene)

My Ninong
(from left: Ninong Ryan, Ninong
Macky and Ninong Edward)

With the cousins of my Dad
Tita Ninang Beth, Katherine and Topie


It's my 1st year Birthday!

20th of January of 2008 Sunday I was celebrating my 1st birthday and it was celebrated in the compound lot of my mama & papa (granies). I never thought it was a big grand birthday celebration will that be. I never expected that I can see Winnie the Pooh at my own birthday! whew! but I am scared to big mascots. hahahaha Winnie the Pooh is also the favorite cartoon character of my mom which she was the one who chose it. She was the one who organized the party with the help of other staff from Pongee the owner of the sponsor of my party balloons, tables and chairs and my party packs give aways etc. The owner of Pongee is the first cousin of Papa Awe, they are the one who conducted the party with help of their staffs. The foods were great and delicious! Of course Mama Nene who's the in- charge of the menus. I have so many gifts received, cake was given to me by Tita Ninang Juvy the cousin of my mom, delicious home made ice cream made by Mommy Inday. mmmyummy! and so many more!

I would like to give my deepest acknowledgment and THANK YOU, first of all to Mama Nene and Papa Awe for their financial and moral support to make my first birthday successful and to my mom and dad who's attention and guidance to help me walk to be with my visitors and even they help me to mingle and entertain my other visitors. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making this birthday possible. I LOVE YOU!

here are some pictures...

Mommy Vale, Me & Grandma Nene

My guest and friends

It's time to dance " The Papaya Dance"

. mistizo .

" mistizo"

Ito si mistizo, isa siyang kalabaw. Anak ito ni miztiza na kalabaw ng mama at papa ko sa bukid. Kaso ibenenta na ang mama ni mistizo kasi hindi na niya kayang mag- araro sa bukid. Kaya si mistizo na ngayon ang gumagawa habang bata pa siya. Dati kalabaw ito ng mommy ko, pero ng dumating na ako sa akin na ibinigay nila papa at mama. Ang problema lang, hindi ko siya pwedeng sakyan sa likod. hiyaaaa!digidig!!! (ay..hindi nga pala kabayo si mistizo)hehehehe...churi...

Hindi ko lang alam kong ilang taon na itong si mistizo, pero sigurado ako hndi ko siya kaedad. toinks! Tuwing pumupunta lang kami sa bukid ko siya nakikita, hindi ko lang man siya madalhan ng pasalubong pag pumupunta kami doon. Bihira lang kami nagkikita ni mistizo, ayaw din ako pinapalapit sakanya kasi nanunungay daw ito. tsk...tsk..tsk...bad carabao. Pero oks lang. nag ienjoy naman akong tinganan siyang kumakain ng damo. Sana paglaki ko makasakay na ako sakanya. Kasi si mommy natatakot humawak lang man kay mistizo kahit nakatalikod ito sakanya. In short hindi siya carabao lover. ahahahah..di bale ako nalang hahawak sakanya paglaki ko. Sabay kaming mag- aararo yun ay kung papayagan ako nila mama at papa. hmmmm??? sana... o ayan mistizo ha, nakapublish kana sa blog. sosyal mo huh! Sana pagbalik namin sa bukid good boy kana ha. Ayosin mo ang pag- aararo para maraming palay ang maitanim at maibenta natin. Ingat ka lage..wag ka pasaway kay uncle Noel. wag kana manungay! bleeh... see you soon!

. nEw born baby .

Name : Heinrick Yock Hutalle

Nick Name: Heinz

Born on: January 20, 2007 ( Saturday)

Time: 1: 54 PM

Place: Ricardo Limso Hospital

Kilo: 7.54 pounds

Physician: Dra. Julfa Dagalea- Adao

Mother's OB: Dra. Meridith Colina

- P A R E N T S -

Mother's Name: Lili Vale V. Yock

Born on: March 31, 1985

Born in: Jaro Iloilo City

Age: 23

- * -

Father's Name: Hermann J. Hutalle

Born on: March 17, 1983

Born in: Davao City

Age: 25

. my mama & papa .

Here I am again blogging... I want to share a big part of something in my life that my mama & papa give me. Since birth mama & papa are always their for me, they never let me feel I'm not important even they made me precious to them. Every single second, minute and day they are always at my side. I can feel it even I'm still a baby. They show me that the world is for me to live with. After my mom give birth, mama is right there at her side to support and give mommy a strong faith to be strong to fight the trials that she encountered in giving me birth into a CS operation. I know mama can't leave mom in the middle of something because she knew mommy will find difficult if she will just leave it behind. Although she knows that mom is at the right age to handle everything. But mama insisted to help just for us to survive. After four days in the hospital, that was my first time to ride a taxi in going home to my palace with mama, mommy & dad. Our pack of things brought by mommylo & daddylo to their car. Because mom decided not to ride in their car because its difficult for her to take a ride with a high chair, the operation is still fresh. I'm excited to witness outside the hospital to see what's really a world means to many people. At last we were out to go home while papa is waiting for us. When we arrive home, papa looks very excited to hold me, of course he never think twice to get me to mama and his the one who holds me. What a touching moment for me that people around me is happy that I came to their lives. My dad that night went home to their house he never sleep with us because mom tells me that dad is not feeling well, maybe he is pressured in the hospital to watch mom, buy this and buy that to the store and pharmacies. Well, it's not a problem anymore as long as I am home now.

Days, weeks, months passed mama and papa never forgets to remind me that they loves me so much. Thanks for that! Now, that I am 1 year and 5 months they are still there for me. To guide me, teach me how to talk, walk right and embrace me like they never wanted me to go anywhere. I know someday when i grow up they will be more supportive to me. Mama and papa THANK YOU VERY MUCH! & I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART ALWAYS AND ALWAYS.

. hienzie collectionz .

. my family .

. this is my style .

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